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We offer our very own dent removal service....

Paintless dent removal is the art of manipulating vehicle body panels back to their original form.

As long as the paintwork hasn't been damaged, technicians can gain access to the back of the panel and work out the dent. This is done with hundreds of soft connecting pushes with specially engineered PDR tools.

Just enough to move the metal but not enough to crack the paint, whilst knocking down any high spots or ridges known as crowns from the painted side.

  • Experts in paintless dent removal

  • Over 10 yrs of experience

  • Great for minor dents, dings and creases

  • In most cases less than your insurance excess

  • No fillers or paints used, so no poor colour matches, Increase your resale value

  • Eco friendly repair method, that's kind to the environment

  • Care and pride in every repair


Why not book an appointment now, save money, save insurance excess & saving your no claims

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